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AMMO Advantages

When Lost Dutchman designed its field unit, it was with the specific purpose to create a mechanism that was truly field ready. The engineers of Lost Dutchman recognized that the mining industry had specific demanding needs that had to be met for the AMMO unit to be applicable.

For this reason, the AMMO unit is designed to require NO Water and No Chemicals to work allowing the unit to avoid many environmental pitfalls and also allowing the AMMO unit to be useful in remote, resource limited applications. The AMMO unit only requires electricity for its operation; and, the amount of electricity required is very limited allowing the AMMO unit to be easily powered by simple generators.

For smaller mining operations, AMMO’s ability to be easily transported to the site for both refining and remediation allows the units to be used for a specific job and then moved to another site for operation there. Cost is always an important aspect in the mining industry. To meet this demand, the design of the AMMO unit is inexpensive to construct, inexpensive to operate, and inexpensive to maintain.

The mining industry requires that any system be scalable to meet the specific requirements of the site. The AMMO unit is modular for this purpose. Designed to process approximately one ton of tailings per hour, by placing multiple units in parallel, the mine can create a processing center that processes, 10, 20, 50, 100 or more tons per hour.

Since each AMMO unit is a self-sustaining modular system, the mine is assured that the processing will never be down completely and that preventive maintenance is handily accomplished by simply taking a single AMMO module “off-line” leaving the remaining modules fully operational.

In short, AMMO’s advantages are:
- Uses no Water and No Chemicals;
- Minimal electrical demands;
- Portable;
- Inexpensive to make, Inexpensive to operate, Inexpensive to maintain;
- Scalable to meet any throughput desired;
- Never completely “down”.
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