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The Automated Mobile Mining Operation (AMMO) developed by Lost Dutchman Minerals LLC is a system that can significantly "sweeten" the amount of gold, silver or other precious minerals mined from a primary ore body or even from previously discarded tailings. A substantial amount of overburden is removed from the precious metals during this process, resulting in much less ore being transported for final processing.

The proprietary assets & trade secrets of Lost Dutchman Minerals LLC have been developed over many years and have resulted in an unbelievable refining technology. With the AMMO system you can expect much higher concentrations of gold, silver and other precious metals in your processed ore, all without the use of water or chemicals.

We have recently set up and operated a small pilot AMMO unit on a former mine site to further develop and fine tune our system, and even though this is a new installation with only a couple months of operation under its belt, the results are stunning.

To members of the mining & precious metal industry, we invite you to contact us with your inquiries and to view the results of our lab and field research.

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