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Press Release 2014.01.21


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Mr. Wayne Rod

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Tucson, Arizona:   January 21, 2014:   Lost Dutchman Mines LLC. today announced the successful field testing of its innovative gold and silver concentration method which operates without the use of any chemicals or water.


                Here is the kicker though, since neither water nor chemicals are used in the process, it is entirely possible that gold and silver mines might fall under the same regulations and public scrutiny as a sand and gravel pit!   “Ask any mine executive if this wouldn’t remove their biggest headache”, commented Wayne Rod, manager of Lost Dutchman Mines.   “You now have a situation with reduced Permitting, reduced infrastructure costs, reduced safety problems, and reduced PR, legal, and consultant fees”, Mr. Rod continued.


                The unit requires only a moderate source of electricity to run the machinery.   When put into production level, the AMMO unit designed by Lost Dutchman Mines is easily expandable by creating larger and/or parallel units to meet any desired throughput.  The units, named Automated Mobile Mining Operation (AMMO) are easily housed in a semi-trailer allowing the units to reach sites for temporary operation, eliminating costly infrastructure expenses.


                “In order to assure the credibility of the project, we used a certified assay laboratory” commented Mark Ogram, the technology manager for Lost Dutchman Mines.   Mr. Ogram has revolutionized several industries through his innovations in such fields as:  third party payments for the Internet; advanced encryption products; and renewable energy generation.   With the AMMO unit, Mr. Ogram seems to have brought the revolution to the mining industry.


                AMMO works using limited manpower requirements and is substantially automated.  

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