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Press Release 2014.03.21


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Tucson, Arizona:   March 21, 2014:   Lost Dutchman Mines LLC. today announced that the company’s technology has been highly successful in concentrating gold and silver found in discarded electronic waste.   The task presented to Lost Dutchman by a recycling company was to concentrate gold and silver found in ground electronic chips.   The recycling company was not able to handle the heavy overburden found in the ground electronics.  Lost Dutchman’s technology easily rose to the challenge by creating a 5X concentration.   This translates into significantly reduced transportation and refining costs to recover the gold.


This reclamation is extremely important because it now is economically feasible to properly recycle what heretofore was not feasible.   It is estimated that only a small percentage of e-waste is sent to recyclers. In the U.S., this is as little as 11-14%. The remaining 86-89% is usually handled by Inappropriate disposal methods which fail to reclaim valuable materials or manage toxic materials safely.


Recycling isn’t restricted to used equipment but “scrap” from chip manufacturers themselves.   Often, 5-25% of the production fail to meet the standards  and must be discarded.   Often, no attempt is made to efficiently remove the gold which has only moments ago had been deposited onto the scrap electronic chip.


“The Lost Dutchman technology can reap significant savings for the chip manufacturer by economically extracting precious metals”, commented Wayne Rod, managing partner for Lost Dutchman Mines LLC.  “This savings falls directly to the bottom line” continued Mr. Rod.


Lost Dutchman Mines LLC is a technology development company which has developed an automated gold and silver concentrating technology.  The principals of Lost Dutchman pride themselves on bringing “fresh eyes” to a technology problem so that economical solutions are developed.  Lost Dutchman is the eighth technology which has been developed by the principals of Lost Dutchman.   

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