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Tucson, Arizona:   April 7, 2014:   Lost Dutchman Mines LLC. (www.lostdutchmanmineals.com) announced today that a recent experiment had results that astounded even its own engineers.

                Lost Dutchman Mines has long had the conviction that if the operation of its proprietary mechanism (Automated Mobile Mining Operation, “AMMO”) was finely controlled, the level of concentration would be enhanced.   In early June the engineers, using the laboratory unit, did just that.   Several key variables within the ore as well as the AMMO concentrator were controlled to see what could be obtained.

                The results for gold, the head ore assayed at 0.075 opt, AMMO generated a concentrate assayed at 7.476 opt (concentrating at almost 100 times).

                The results for silver, the head ore assayed at 1.06 opt, AMMO generated a concentrate assayed at 25.67 opt (concentrating at 24 times).

                The engineers were astounded;  a concentrating effort of five to ten times is impressive in the industry.

                “This is proves the power of our machine,”   commented Mark Ogram, a principal in the company.  “Already we have identified several other components which could enhance these results, and all without using a drop of chemicals nor a drop of water. “ 

                Lost Dutchman Mines LLC contemplates the use of its chemical-free and waterless AMMO technology to concentrate just mined ore so that the costs and environmental impact of  later operations are significantly reduced, and also to  generate income from already processed tailings.  Plans are currently underway for a permanent AMMO site scaled to process 1000 tons of ore per day.

                Tailings were the focus of the latest experiment.   As noted by the assay results, the head ore (being already processed tailings) had such a minor amount of gold in it that it was practically useless; but, once concentrated by the Lost Dutchman technology, the concentrate could be taken directly to the final refinery to generate pure gold or silver without any additional refining.

Lost Dutchman Mines LLC is a technology development company which has developed an automated gold and silver concentrating technology.  The principals of Lost Dutchman pride themselves on bringing “fresh eyes” to a technology problem so that economical solutions are developed.  Lost Dutchman is the eighth technology which has been developed by the principals of Lost Dutchman.   

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