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Press Release 2014.08.18


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Tucson, Arizona:   August 12, 2014:   Lost Dutchman Mines LLC. (www.lostdutchmanmineals.com) highlights the savings that its proprietary process produces.

                The pencil pushers at Lost Dutchman Mines LLC have been hard at work evaluating the effects that the Lost Dutchman technology achieves in the all critical all-in sustaining costs for a gold or silver mine.   The Lost Dutchman technology advantages obtained through the elimination of water and chemicals in the concentrating process has economic, political, and public relations as well. 

It is this bottom line cost that has forced all too many potential mines from ever seeing a shovel.   The mining industry is a business and as the costs mount and gold/silver prices fluctuate, hard choices must be made.

                The technology developed by Lost Dutchman has been shown to create concentrates by significantly reducing or eliminating the gangue.   This reduction of mass using the Lost Dutchman technology has been repeatedly found to be 90-95% of the source.   This result has been experienced in both the processing of ore and tailings.

                As the economists of Lost Dutchman have determined, by reducing the throughput to a mere 5-10 percent of the original material, the “down stream” costs are reduced by 90-95%.   “Down stream” costs include such major expenses as:   Ore transportation; Capital expenses and depreciation for trucks, settling ponds, buildings, water pumping; Chemical and water costs for final refining; Manpower; Maintenance; Insurance and liability; Electricity; Interest on loans; and a host of other expenses.  

Another obscured saving that is realized through the Lost Dutchman technology is the reduced regulatory hurdles in getting the mine opened; reduced governmental oversight during operation of the mine; and reduced closing and remediation costs for the mine due to the reduced use of water or chemicals during operation of the mine (reduced by 90-95%).

Yet another clear advantage is positive public relations available.   With such dramatic reduction in the need for chemicals and water, the public resistance to the mine is dampened;  the mine now promotes its environmentally friendly technology.

When all of this is considered, the economic and political advantages are clear.

Lost Dutchman Mines LLC is a technology development company which has developed a game changing gold and silver concentrating technology.  The principals of Lost Dutchman pride themselves on bringing “fresh eyes” to a technology problem so that economical solutions are developed.  Lost Dutchman is the eighth technology which has been developed by the principals of Lost Dutchman.   

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