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Press Release 2014.04.07


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Tucson, Arizona:   April 7, 2014:   Lost Dutchman Mines LLC. (www.lostdutchmanmineals.com) announced today that its engineers had completed designs that increased the throughput of the  company’s proprietary gold refinery technology by a factor of six without any perceptible increase in  the footprint of the mechanism.

                This breakthrough significantly enhances the Lost Dutchman proprietary technology.  With little increase in the footprint of the single processing unit;  units are placed in parallel to fit a mine’s specific needs.   

Scalability is critical in any technology; Lost Dutchman’s ability to scale up through the use of redundant systems allows any throughput of ore to be processed.   Whether the need is to process 10 tons an hour or 1000 tons an hour, by placing redundant systems in parallel not only is the desired throughput obtained, but preventive maintenance easily accomplished without taking the entire system off line.   The automated nature of the Lost Dutchman processors also means that manpower is always minimized.

The units, named Automated Mobile Mining Operation (AMMO), were originally tested in the lab and then a site model was deployed to test the technology in the field.   These tests have been highly impressive in AMMO’s ability to “sweeten” or concentrate the gold and silver ore without the use of any water or chemicals.

                “The positive aspects of this design make the AMMO unit ideal for operation by minimizing the need for water wells, buildings, manpower, transportation, and many other concerns facing the mining industry” stated Wayne Rod, manager of the company.

Lost Dutchman Mines LLC is a technology development company which has developed an automated gold and silver concentrating technology.  The principals of Lost Dutchman pride themselves on bringing “fresh eyes” to a technology problem so that economical solutions are developed.  Lost Dutchman is the eighth technology which has been developed by the principals of Lost Dutchman.   

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