Lost Dutchman Minerals LLC
dba Lost Dutchman Mine LLC

About Lost Dutchman Minerals LLC

Lost Dutchman Minerals LLC has developed a proprietary process which significantly "sweetens" the amount of gold and other precious minerals recovered from a ton of material. A substantial amount of overburden is removed in this process. 

We are inviting members of the international mining community to view our clinical and field-test results and to see what benefits Lost Dutchman Minerals can bring. 

Our mission is to revolutionize the mining industry and launch it into the next century. With fewer and fewer natural resources, our precious metals have become rarer and rarer. Imagine refining without the use of chemicals, without the use of water. Reducing your costs and at the same time increasing and expanding the output.

Lost Dutchman Minerals can do just that

Find out more about our founders and inventors, Mark Ogram and Wayne Rod
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